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As its name suggests, the Solus+1 service is simply your leaflet & one other to share the costs.  Solus+1 is ideal for those for whom bearing the full cost of distribution is too much but you wish to gain as much impact as possible without the costs.


Solus+1 is also ideal for those who have an urgent specific area requirement where there isn't available space or a shared distribution planned, search where you wish to reduce the costs but do not wish to wait for a second flyer to arrive.


Costs vary as there is only one other item to share with & usually this is discounted to gain a 'quick sharer' in a time critical distribution but within 'normal' housing the price range is between £40 & £50 per 1000 households delivered.


Two large distribution businesses actually describes this level of service as 'Solus' ie with one other item and for a drop on its own you need to request 'Premium Solus' or 'Solus Plus' so it always pays to check what service level you are actually getting.  We always aim to clearly describe our services, if you feel there is confusion or any query left, please don't hesitate to drop us a line.


We also enter the answers to any queries within the FAQ section so it's available for everyone.  The easiest way to locate information is to enter a couple of 'keywords' into the search box at the top right hand side of the page