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We can also deliver Magazines, Periodicals & other regularly distributed 'booklet' type materials.  The cost is greater than leaflet distribution as the weight & bulk of these items is significantly larger than a single sheet leaflet however we are very flexible on the actual nature of the delivery.  Unlike some other distribution organisations, we do not impose any specific restrictions on the weight, size or number of pages.


There are several points to note -


  • Due to the differences in logistics, accurate weight & dimensions MUST be provided prior to receipt of the print stock.  Errors in accurate description may significantly delay delivery
  • The distribution speed is substantially slower than conventional leaflet delivery so when planning times taken to deliver, please do not use the times mentioned elsewhere on this site for leaflet delivery
  • For larger magazines ie A4+, bundling or strapping would be preferable to boxing as this reduces the volume of waste to be disposed of.
  • The flexibility of the material should be considered in relation to the type of property being targeted ie many areas of Manchester have high numbers of Victorian properties that traditionally have small letterboxes so would not be suitable for very thick magazines - it would be better to have a thinner larger design such as an broadsheet design whereas if you were targeting apartments in the city centre or Salford Quays then most delivery points are boxes rather than delivered through doors - in this case nothing larger than A4 could be delivered


We are more than willing to review your project & offer advice.  If you are planning a magazine distribution either household door to door, to businesses or as a bulk drop - you are strongly recommended to consult us at the early stages of the project.  Please don't leave it until the project has gone to print before contacting us.