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Choosing which distribution service to use will depend on a number of factors, in particular


  • Timescales
  • Cost Sensitivity
  • Targeting Requirements
However other issues may also have a relevance such as
  • size of material to delivered
  • public sector guidelines
  • reporting requirements
The main benefits of solus are the most flexible distribution if very specific targeting is required, sick easier to guarantee timescales & distribution scheduling, usually shorter enquiry to delivery times for a specific area or map however offset against these benefits is principally the price as with solus the entire cost of the distribution needs to be covered.
The principal benefit of Shared Distribution is a substantial reduction in price if you are sharing the costs with one or two other businesses however it can also offer a quicker distribution as well, should you have flexibility to fit into an existing distribution.
If you are uncertain of which level of service would suit you best, feel free to ask our advice.  It is also possible to 'mix & match' different service levels to gain best value and/or speed of distribution.