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Distribution Process
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The operation has been developed & refined over the last 5 years to provide an outstanding 'boutique' distribution service. It is designed to offer a quality service for businesses wanting to promote themselves cheaply and effectively. Delivery is carried out by reliable, mature & supervised adults, not children and is never delivered hidden in newspapers nor are competitive leaflets delivered together. Distribution volumes are flexible to suit with no minimum quantity !!! What we can't do ?.. is control the weather, influence the response of a poorly printed or badly worded flyer or prevent competitor activity. One leaflet delivered to us advertising a brand new restaurant but had no address on it, another had the wrong date for an opening night and a takeaway delivery menu without a phone number.

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Once the material arrives in our unit, the consignment is logged, allocated a unique Job Number and weigh counted, bundled into manageable quantities, usually 250's and prepared for dispatch.

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Each batch of leaflets is dropped off with the deliverer, accompanied by a map showing the delivery area & bundles of each leaflet to be delivered. Usually each deliverer has 1 week to complete the distribution, according to specific instructions to guarantee satisfactory distribution & on the understanding that if any problems are encountered, the deliverer will contact the office at the earliest opportunity. Once completed the office is contacted, the residue leaflets & marked off map are collected, undelivered material is redistributed to minimise waste of printed material & maximise the response.

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These vary significantly dependent on the level of service offered as well as the logistics, effects of weather & the 'business exclusivity' promise, the earlier a campaign can be booked the better however as a guideline, premium & standard shared should be booked not later than 3 weeks before commencement, solus 2 weeks before & value shareplan 1 week before the contract is due to begin. In some cases shareplans, slightly tighter timescales can be accommodated if the areas selected are already scheduled for delivery & there is no conflict with existing items. Sometimes solus plans can be accommodated at shorter notice, so long as staffing levels permit. Staggered or continuous delivery can also be carried out to control both costs & guarantee service levels. For example, a 15k distribution could be covered at 3k per week over month rather than delivered all at once. This is very regularly used by Takeaway delivery services to prevent being so flooded with business at peak times. We do also offer a 'rush' service, if for instance, you have been let down or have a last minute campaign however there would be a premium for this as it would entail moving staff greater distances & perhaps requiring agency workers.

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We always select adult deliverers, never children, as mature staff tend to be far more responsible & reliable and we do our best to retain only the best however that doesn't mean we stop there.

There are several methods of establishing that distribution is being carried out properly.


  • Customer response monitoring
  • Comparison of leaflets returned vs numbers on the distribution area
  • Doorstep Checks
  • Telephone Back Calls
  • Reply Generator leaflets
  • GPS Tracking


Not all method are employed on every map, every time but wherever there is an indication that there may be a problem, we will rigorously investigate to ensure our distribution team is second to none. We encourage all our customers to report any concerns so that we can deal with them as rapidly as possible. Once a deliverer has contacted the central office to confirm delivery the maps, marked off & showing the roads delivered, are collected from them. Once satisfactory backchecks have been completed, the distribution information is transferred to into our bespoke management system as a permanent record for that particular campaign. This provides an accurate record of the distribution as well as geographically displaying the area covered to assist in evaluating the responses & ROI as well as helping to plan for future campaigns. A distribution list is also provided, free of charge.

If required, we can also provide postcode 'master maps' with the distribution areas marked & these are emailed or delivered to the client - there is usually a cost for this, dependant on the work involved.