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When undertaking the design of a leaflet, there are several key points to consider:


  • The Aim & Purpose of the leaflet
  • The Headline / Attention Grabber
  • The structure of the leaflet
  • Main Points of the campaign Unique Selling Points [USP’s]
  • Contact Details & Response Handling


Even with all of that in mind, there are a few things that can be done to improve responses, alternative forms of contact are best, some like to call, others to email or even call in. 0800 free to phone numbers can significantly improve response, conversely purely having a mobile number will deter some callers, due to cost & doubts.

Ideally personally answer all calls rather than using voicemail or an answerphone, if you can’t, then consider a live answering service instead. Over 65% of domestic callers will hang up without leaving a message.


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As well as the obvious benefits to a leaflet campaign such as local targeting & small set-up costs but several less obvious ones can play a significant roles as well.


  • Due to the flexibility of leaflets, it is very easy to set up slightly different variants, trying different headlines, ampoule offers or bullet points to figure out which works best.


Test, Test, Test


  • The process also allows for simple, inexpensive reinforcement. It is far better to target the same person three times, than flyer three different people. It takes repetition for your message to sink in.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

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When creating the leaflet, don’t fall into the common ‘graphic designer’ trap, ie someone who has been trained to make it look attractive. That may win awards & look great in an awards show. What you actually want is something that works in real life.


Key points to consider:


  • A bold, attention grabbing headline at the top [NOT the company name, that’s best off at the bottom of the flyer]
  • simple clear bullet points in an easy to read font
  • a simple explanation
  • a ‘call to action’ with contact details
  • the company name & address at the foot of the leaflet.
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The aim of all leaflets is to create a clear, bold message so

  • Keep the number of fonts or typefaces to a minimum ideally no more that 3 on any side of the leaflet.
  • Use a sans serif fonts ie without serifs, which are the short horizontal lines added at the tops and bottoms of the letters eg eg Trebuchet or Arial, not Times Roman or Calisto.
  • Use simple, graphics that convey the theme, a picture is worth a 1000 words but avoid very complex artwork
  • Keep text significantly darker or lighter that the background to avoid loosing the impact.
  • Maintain a common style in each campaign to develop familiarity & build brand awareness & association
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When writing copy [marketing speak for preparing the words to be used in promotional literature], you can follow most of the experience built up over the years from the copywriters from advertising, direct mail & brochures but it is important to remember what the leaflet or flyer is designed to do … ie it isn’t to sell your product or service.

With the most commonly read copy, ie direct mail letters, the accepted strategy is to write as much as possible and to ‘close the sale’ by the end of the letter however with leaflets, in most situations, it is merely there to encourage a call, request an info pack or visit a website … that is when you can include all the “details”.

Don’t pack too much information onto the flyer, you will achieve little or no impact. Concentrate on benefits not features of your product or service otherwise prospects may believe that you can’t help them without asking the question.

Using clear bullet point lists of USP’s & benefits provides more impact, is much clearer to comprehend & quicker that a paragraph with ‘padding words’ added in.

Follow the AIDA principle….

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Attract your reader's attention with an exciting headline. Most leaflets are skimmed whilst the prospect flicks through the mail and leaflets from the door mat so you have just a few seconds to make them intrigued & to continue reading before they are onto their letters, place it on the hallway table or even worse, into the bin! Why not reveal or conceal a common interest, for example:






If you require ideas, the appendix at the rear of this presentation has a series of ‘idea jogger’ lists.

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Evoke interest from your potential customer by telling them multiple, life-enhancing benefits. Keep it simple. Steer away from just listing characteristics …

Features bore – Benefits sizzle

Use simple, short sentences and talk to them as if they’re a friend sitting next to you. The copy will sound much more appealing.

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Make them want it. Make it irresistible. If you can; remove the risk by giving them guarantees of their money back or sweeteners ie extra special bonuses or discounts.

Don't forget to state the urgency - make your offer time sensitive. You could try "Order within 7 days and get this free pen set. If you're not 100% satisfied, we'll refund you in full", “Call today, tomorrow may be too late”.

Fear of loss can be a great motivator … many people are more keen “not to loose” than are “driven to win”.

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Tell 'em what to do! You'd be amazed how much sales literature misses this vital step. Don't assume they'll know what to do. Get them to "Call now for a no-obligation quote" or "Call us free for personalised advice". You don't need to close the sale there and then, just lead them into your sales process. By simply mentioning the course of action, you can increase the response rate to almost double, hence improve the campaign’s effectiveness. To improve response further, make an offer with limited stock, a short term offer – never too long, otherwise it defeats the object & after all any deal can be extended or repeated.

Reasons to Buy PDF Print E-mail

To be liked

To be appreciated

To be right

To feel important

To make money

To save money

To save time

To make work easier

To be secure

To be attractive

To be sexy

To be comfortable

To be distinct

To be happy

To have fun

To gain knowledge

To be healthy

To gratify curiosity

For convenience

Out of fear

Out of greed

Out of guilt

To be in control

To feel good


Source - Robert Bly [The Copywriters Handbook]

Formulas to create Headlines PDF Print E-mail

News Headlines

  • Begin with “announcing” or infer broadcasting information
  • Begin with the “new”, “now” or “At Last”
  • Put a date into the headline
  • Write the Headline in a News Style

Price Led Headlines

  • Featuring the “Price” or “Reduced Price” in the headline
  • Special Merchandising Offer “Next Purchase Half Price” etc
  • “Easy Payment Plan” or “Interest Free”
  • Feature a free offer“Buy One, stuff Get One Free” or “Free Trial”
  • Offer information of Value “Worth £ !!!”

Use key HOT words

  • “Wanted” “How” “Who else” “How to” “Why” “Which” “Advice”
  • Create Impact with a One Word or Two Word Headline
  • Use testimonial style headlines
  • Offer a test or trial
  • A warning to delay buying
  • Address the headline to a specific ‘group’ or ‘segment’


Source - John Caples [Tested Advertising Methods]

Power Words PDF Print E-mail

Strong, Powerful words for headlines & Impact Statements
















Easy …


















Important Development ….



It’s here


Last Chance








Money *New… *Now… *Powerful… *Practical... *Professional… *Profitable… *Proven… *Quality… *Quickly… *Reduced… *Remarkable *Results … *Revolutionary… *Safely … *Save … *Simple … *Secrets… *Sensational *Special… *Superior… *Successful… *Strange… *Startling *The truth about … *Today… *Unique… *Wanted…. *Wealth… *Win… *You… •