Distribution Print


Once printed, the material is either delivered to us or collected direct from the printer to avoid any double handling on your part. On arrival the consignment is checked, diagnosis a confirmation of receipt together with the number received is dispatched. The leaflets are bundled up, matched with the other leaflets they are sharing with, if appropriate, and distributed to the delivery agents. Actual delivery will occur sometime after this point. We always make every endeavour to distribute the material speedily, accurately & responsibly however by virtue of the fact that the work is carried on outside, weather conditions do provide an unpredictable element to the times. If the weather is icy or snow distribution becomes much slower & in some cases has to be abandoned completely if it poses risk of injury to the deliverers. If the weather is wet it is usual not to deliver, not just due to the discomfort of the usual deliverers but also most of the materials delivered are paper based & don't respond well or look good if sodden & scuffed, reducing response.