Campaign Evaluation Print


Once the campaign has been completed it is essential that it is reviewed, if coupons are used collect them & maybe use a code to identify different wording or different flyers, tadalafil if the calls are entered onto the database, then to review how many, from which areas & what was the conversion rate enquiries : sales. If you would like help profiling the responses, we would be more than happy to do that & to make recommendations on where similar customers may be found. From this it can be easily seen what the return generated in relation to the sales, not forgetting that most businesses sell more than once to each customer so if the average for your business is 5 orders of £15, then each customer is worth £75 worth of business to you, even if they have only spent £15 so far ? and it is important to keep track of how you started off with customers, as further sales may be generated by them walking into the shop or you sending them a mailshot but these are still door to door generated leads.