Profile & Targeting Print


In the past, door to door has been seen as a blanket or saturation coverage medium due to the low cost of print & delivery when compared to direct mail, radio or TV advert production however the industry is becoming ever more sophisticated and it is now possible to 'categorise' a variety of characteristics; Age, affluence, home ownership, type of house etc to gain a better response by understanding where your prospects might live. This increases the 'hit rate' for the same cost in production & distribution so improving the Return on Investment [ROI]. One of the great advantages of door to door distribution is its flexibility to test different areas, communication copy or messages. This is made even easier by our sub sector mapping system. Using this approach, results can be gained to determine the best areas, most responsive demographics or to produce maximum ROI. If you are in any doubt as to what your customer profile is, we would be happy to make some observations & suggestions from your existing customer base.